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The undersigned, (Owner’s Personal Name if personally owned or Company Name, if corporately owned), hereby employs and engages Property Tax Professionals, Inc. ("PTP") to represent Owner in connection with an effort to reduce the 2024 assessed value of the following real property(s) located in Florida: 

County Full Property Address Property Tax ID #

For services rendered hereunder, Owner agrees to pay PTP a contingency fee equal to 33% of the 2024 property tax savings for the above property.  Such fee shall be owed if there is a reduction in the 2024 assessed value and associated property taxes for any reason whatsoever upon a petition for reduction filed with the County Value Adjustment Board by PTP.  Tax savings will be calculated by multiplying the total assessed value reduction by the 2024 millage rate (tax rate).  Fees are for a one-year period only. If there is no reduction, there is no fee.

Upon execution of this Agreement, owner will pay a non-refundable County Petition Filing Fee/PTP Review Fee to PTP of $185.00 per Tax ID Number. This fee engages PTP’s services of filing the petition(s) with the County’s Value Adjustment Board and PTP’s assessment review. PTP has the sole right to cancel this contract if the Petition/Review fee is not paid within 30 days of PTP receiving this signed contract.

Owner understands that PTP, in performing its services hereunder, may contact the County Property Appraiser's Office on an informal and/or formal basis (Value Adjustment Board Hearings) upon the judgment and discretion of PTP. If PTP finds the appeal has no merit then PTP has the right to withdraw the petition at any time.

Owner acknowledges that PTP cannot and will not institute any legal action in circuit court to contest the tax assessment. Under no circumstances, will PTP be held liable or responsible for assessments in future years or with the failure of the county appraiser's office in reducing the assessed values for the year in question.

Owner shall pay PTP’s fee in full within thirty (30) days upon receipt by Owner and/or PTP of official documentation provided by the County documenting the tax reduction or after the tax refund check has been mailed from the Tax Collector or after a Revised/Reduced Tax bill has been received, whichever occurs first. Any fees due and payable to PTP from Owner shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5% ("One and one-half percent") per month, commencing on the thirty-first day after the date said fees become due and owing, as described above, and continuing until paid in full. If PTP is required to enforce collection of monies due to PTP from Owner pursuant to this Agreement, Owner agrees to pay PTP all reasonable costs and Attorney's fees incurred by PTP for same, as well as any other costs or fees allowed by controlling law. The venue for any legal actions shall be in Palm Beach or Broward County, Florida to be determined by PTP.

Please be aware, State law (Section 194.014, F.S.): Failure to pay all or 75% of your taxes by the tax due date of March 31 for the tax year in question, will result in an Automatic Denial of either the filed petition or the hearing’s outcome. PTP’s fees remain applicable in the event owner does not comply with the above State law.


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Signed by John McDonald
Signed On: April 6, 2024

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